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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, our Mexican food redefines culinary excellence. From savory street tacos, super burritos, and quesadillas our menu showcases the rich tapestry of Mexican cuisine. Embark on a journey where authenticity meets innovation, right here in Mountain View.

El Califas Tacos Food Truck Bay Area
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Monday-Friday: 10am to 6pm

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Authentic Mexican Food

Discover the authentic flavors of Mexico at El Califas Tacos, a premier food truck experience in Mountain View. Dive into our menu with offerings like the signature Califas taco, brimming with melty cheese and crisp tortillas, the Californiana, a hearty quesadilla tailored with your chosen meat, and the crowd-favorite Super Burrito. Drawing from deep-rooted Mexican recipes, we add our fresh twist, ensuring every bite is a testament to tradition. For businesses and events seeking top-notch Mexican catering, El Califas Tacos stands as the preferred choice in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

Authentic Mexican Tacos

Mountain View Catering

Experience unmatched authenticity with El Califas Tacos, the premier Mexican food truck in Mountain View. Delight guests with our rich flavors, catering to every event, be it a vibrant wedding, a milestone birthday, quinceañera, or impactful corporate gathering. Our top-tier offerings guarantee an indelible mark on attendees. Add a splash of Mexican flair to your next occasion for a truly memorable culinary journey. Book with us and make your event an affair to remember, infused with the genuine essence of Mexico.

Authentic Mexican Food Bay Area
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